Herbed Goat Cheese

March 2, 2012

I really like to use herbs in my cooking.  I think the way you use herbs can reflect the seasons, if that makes sense.  For instance, during the winter when I made minestrone soup*, the herbs were cooked into a thick soup, which enhanced the hearty flavor of the vegetables.  This recipe uses herbs in a lighter fashion, by pairing them fresh with goat cheese which enhances the flavor in a very subtle and light way.  I feel like this light dish would be perfect for summer and spring.  Consequently, I used this recipe for Herbed Goat Cheese* not only in my salad, but also on bread, smashed into a veggie burger…the possibilities are endless!

You’ll need the zest of a lemon, some thyme, rose mary, Italian Flat leaf parsley, and of course, goat cheese. :)

Chop up your Italian flat leaf parsley.  You want to chop it up very finely – the smaller the pieces, the better.  Strip the rosemary and thyme leaves from their stems, and chop them up as well.

Place all the herbs into a bowl, also add your lemon zest and a touch of salt and pepper.  Mix well.

Next, form the goat cheese into 1 inch round spheres.

I do this by cutting a small chunk of cheese with my knife, then rolling it in my hand like play dough.  Come on, you remember how to do that, right? :)

Next, roll each ball into the herb mixture and lemon mixture.  This is why its good to cut the herbs into small pieces – it will coat the cheese more evenly.


I have seen a lot of different variations for this online. Some people like to coat the cheese with bread crumbs and then fry them.  Go wild, I say!


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